Item thumbmail

Hi everybody

Themeforest requires the thumbnail of the item I’m uploading to be 80x80px…

I’ve tried resizing my thumbmail my image online and it loses quality… How do I resize / create 80x80 image without losing quality ?

You can use adobe photoshop software

If you don’t have PS, you can do so with irfanview as well, and it’s free, or GIMP for that matter.

Should I use these software to resize or to create the image ?

You can use to resize

It looks like infarview does not allow me to set a fixed width and height (80x80)

Excellent bit of software with no malware or stupid stuff embedded in it. Highly recommended! Good luck

to resize or to create the thumbnail ?

You can do any of the ones: resize or create a new one. but main point is quality of the image.

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