Item Support Expiration

We constantly get complaints by buyers not “feeling” they need to renew support after their initial support term expired!

Item support renewal is an Envato initiative and is not controlled by Authors on Envato. The idea is that you get lifetime FREE updates (that includes new features) and therefor need to renew support. An Author simply can not update an item free of charge for life and support it free for life, that is totally insane and in business not a feasible plan. If I had it my way you would pay for updates as new features in updates should not be free.

In other words, If your car needs a service and your service plan expired would you complain to the mechanic that it should not cost anything? Think about it…Essentially, here, you buy a car, when a new model comes out you get it for free and you get to keep the old one! So all we authors ask is that you renew your service plan…