Why anyone renew support when buying a new license will automatically renew support for all existing purchase!

I am exclusive author of Envato. Last week I figured out something very annoying. A customer has 6 license of my item. He never renews his support. But he is enjoying free support since last 1 year + 1 next year. Here is how!

Whenever he purchases an item, his support period extends for all other licenses. So instead of paying for support for 6 licenses, he can just buy another license & enjoy support for another 6 months.

What’s your opinion?


If the customer purchase same item license then the support will renew for 6 month automatically. As we know for each purchase customer will get 6 month free Author support. Actually when customer purchase an item they actually purchase license of the item to use that item for his end prodcut. So, when any customer will purchase a new item or a license of the previous purchased item then they will get 6 month free Author support according to envato support policy.

Hope you understand.


Most of them really never renew their support, but keep asking for it and if the support is refused they simply 1 star the item for poor support :slight_smile:

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In this case we(Author) can politely memorise them that their support has expired and request them to renew the support and will be best thing if we also send them the link for Item Support policy. So that customer can know what they will get from author support when they will renew.


And after that, the user will go to the rating section and click the 1 star. In the best case they start to argue that their request is not so big and we can do it fast…

I don’t really have problem with the way it is right now, I offer support no matter what but the whole system there is broken on Envato side. It’s too naive.

Yes, I have a product with more than 210 customers, I got support renew worth $100. In return I always got 1 star if I deny support.

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The problem is, when he has 6 different instances installed in their local server or live server and purchasing another single license requires updates in all 7 instances. Now you need to make effort 7 times if they have valid support. Anytime, you deny support, 1 star and poor rating is so common.

I haven’t received 2,3,4 star since last 1 year. Its always either 1 star or 5 star.

Also, support cost for $50 product is around $38. If he renews support for 6 item, he would have to pay 6 x 38 = $228. He can just buy another license worth $50 and save around $178 and so on.

Installatio/update setup or hosting issues are not a part of support. But any technical query author have to answer and assist them in case of reported bugs and issues. Also for each item should have a well documented how to setup, how to make update Item, bundle plugins etc. So that customer can make update from their side with the documentation help and if need can contcat author for any technical query. I mean author should to response customer within support policy. If author think customer is asking which is not included in support policy then author can mention it to them with respect and in bad situation author can contact envato support as I have mentioned in my previous reply.

If a customer purchases the same item 6 times, obviously support will start from time of purchase for 6 months on the newly purchased item.

Just keep in mind that it is the same item and the same customer and the single answer in response to a support request you provide covers all other instances.

Are you saying they asked you the same question 6 times? :expressionless: