Item Review Confusion

Hi, i have something interesting just happened and before i do resubmit the design i want to ask here if anyone can tell me what is the reason this happening. I have approved design on my portfolio 'Movember Flyer, and i have submit new design but for totally different flyer but using exactly the same fonts as ‘Movember Flyer’

So far so good, till i just got a mail saying this:
We cannot accept files containing fonts from websites whose usage terms are different than the usage terms on GraphicRiver’s. Be sure to choose a legal, reputable font site. Fonts do not have to be free. System fonts do not need a link. Please give an acceptable link for ‘Helba’

Now the question is how come my ‘Movember Flyer’ was approved without any issues but the new one and i am repeating ( is using exactly same fonts, same link to download this fonts) has soft rejected.

Really confusing. Any idea what to do now.

It was reviewed by a different person and the second person knew something the first person didn’t.

Definitely but is strange as questioning the way how revisions work. That’s all. I am ok with the comment. Already change the font and will resubmit.