SMH @ the review team .. need suggestions on these flyers


Okay so i’m a little annoyed by the staff whoever reviews the work that gets submitted… Here’s my issue. I’ve submitted these two items for sale…Apparently they aren’t good enough for the market GRANTED…go figure… so on one of the items i received this feedback from the team stated below. After reviewing the message i figured well let me get the font links that are acceptable or is within the guidelines of Envato. I upload the new links that are acceptable and what do you know… HARDCORE REJECTION… like… what a waste of time… what was the purpose of asking me to update the links only to give me a hardcore rejection after… its frustrating and pointless. Can i please get some advice suggestions or opinions on where i went wrong…

P.S - I would like to request for a staff member to comment on this.

Unfortunately your submission PartyLife Template isn’t quite ready for
GraphicRiver. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it
couldn’t be accepted.

We cannot accept files containing fonts
from websites whose usage terms are different than the usage terms on
GraphicRiver’s. Be sure to choose a legal, reputable font site. Fonts do
not have to be free. System fonts do not need a link. Please give an
acceptable link for ‘Futura’.

Thank you

After making the required fixes or improvements, please edit your submission at and submit for re-review.

note, you must make the required fixes or improvements before
resubmitting for re-review. By not doing so, repeated resubmissions
without changes may be considered abuse of the review system and your
submitting rights may be disabled.

Thanks for your submission!


Envato Market Team