Item Purchased without taking payment..!

I purchased a web site , and got “payment done” message, but when checking my account I see that nothing transmitted from my account :slight_smile:
is this normal? I downloaded the web site and see that sites can’t be download before purchasing.


Assuming you are talking about themeforest theme/template purchased. It never should happen. have you check with your card and bank that you have not paid. You should double check and if it is really happen you should to contact envato customer Support and let them know. Otherwise your account can fall in risk.

Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


I don’t think there’s any problem. If you haven’t done the payment, you shouldn’t be able to do the purchase but the problem may be related to your bank. They may update the details a bit later.

thanks for reply, I checked several times, I bought it from 03.03, while today is 13.03 and still mony did not transmited.

Please open a envato customer support help ticket if you already not opened.