Item not showing in queue or hidden item.

I believe it is hard rejected. At that time settings for email notification about rejection was not checked. So how do i know proper reason now? is there any support available for that?

If it was hard rejected then there wouldn’t be any detailed feedback regardless of notifications.

You can share a demo/preview here and get community feedback potentially

Here is demo URL of my theme.

Aside from the face there are a number of websites using very similar templates and all items have to be 110% original…

This category is the most crowded and overdone of all and becoming almost impossible to be approved in as you can easily find something (with respect) to a much higher standard for free online.

Okay, Thanks for feedback. We will take this in consideration.

but we are working on many dashboards as well. those are also crowded I guess. so what will be unique niche codecanoy want us to work on?

This is Themeforest not CodeCanyon.

This one page resume category is really the only one that is so crowded it has become a problem - in most other categories there’s still room to submit but you have to bring modern, innovative, premium and value rather than just doing something which is ok but is the same as everything else that is already for sale.

Make sense to me. What if i want to sell this particular theme for free on theme forest? is that possible?

Unfortunately not - themeforest only sells premium items hence why the harder standards to be met