Item has not Approved

My following Template has been rejected.
It is HTML5 Bootstrap 3.7 with w3c validated.
It would be great if some of you could help out why it got hard rejected.
Best Regards,

Hi there:
Your design is too basic bad colors, padding & margin, spacing and typography need practice more for approved sell themeforest.

Good Luck, regards.

Hi jeriTeam,
Thanks for your reply.
Could you please tell me in which section part or which part should be modify.can i resubmit it if i will do some improvements on it.
Thanks again.
Shoumitra Chakraborty.

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With respect it is miles off

  • the logo is too crowded

  • spacing and margins thro8ghout are far too small and inconsistent (esp. on a mobile)

  • typography needs a lot of work

  • Exec chef box shadows don’t work and padding is not right

  • Special service images are stretched

  • testimonials don’t really work or look right

Generally, the standard just isn’t there compared to others for sale here. You will take more stress trying to get this approved than to drop it, familiarise yourself with the standards and start a fresh

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Thanks Charlie