HTML Theme Is Got Rejected. Please Help Me Out.

Hello Everyone,

My template got rejected can you please take your auspicious time to give me a feedback so further I can improve my template.

Site URL:

Thanks In Advance

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Sorry your design is too basic but you need make more quality design as professional will to approved themeforest, your design was errors:

  • Color

  • spacing

  • typography

  • maybe more but I am not sure because I am not expert to design.

Your need make a new design html good sell from zero but you can see other for example psd, html, etc approved in themeforest but you don’t can copy style design but only inspirations (give some ideas style), regards.

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Thanks for sparing your valuable time. Can I improve upon the same template and resubmit?

Looking 10 years ago design trend. So it cannot be approved. :slight_smile:


If one time your html was hard rejected mean not can resubmit again but if one time was soft rejected your can fix some and resubmit html.

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Okay Thanks for your response.

Okay Once again Thank you

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