My First HTML Template submission was rejected. What is my mistakes pls guide me.
This is the my demo URL. Any one please guide me what is mistakes in my template. I need to fix all those things.

With respect this is miles off the standard.

There’s no value in trying to give detailed feedback - but at a super top level:

  • just feels like unstructured pile of off the shelf Bootstrap modules

  • there is no proper styling

  • issues throughout with design basics like spacing, alignment, typography, hierarchy etc.

  • the concept and features are not premium or unique and could be found in freebie files

  • you can’t use trademarked logos

If you check popular HTML templates in terms of design quality, features, etc. you will see the difference.

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Thank You So much for Your Valuable Feedback.

Dear Charlie,
I make changes… Please once again check… any changes pls guide me … thank you.

You can’t fix a hard rejection in a few hours. Almost all of the issues you had before still exist.

There is no styling or structure to the site at all. Looking at about and service pages it’s just generic Bootstrap elements piled in with no attempt at creative, thought through site mapping or even adjusting content

Okay tq for your reply… I will change all those pages.

Sorry to say, Your design is very far to get approved. I suggest you have to do a lot more practice. Just observe other’s designs and get the idea of how they design their template and read some ThemeForest related blogs or watch some videos. I think those practices will improve your knowledge. Thanks.

Thank you so much themesquadx for your feedback… I ll make improve myself…

Dear Sir,

[ThemeForest] Your item, Combine template purely Bootstrap v4.3.1 Corporate Template with multiple options, has been rejected.

again rejected… Total templates i changed according to our themforest designs I changed design changes but not accepting… What is issue i am not understanding pls tell me…
Thank You.


My personal advice, try and emulate design you see on Dribbble , I am terrible at design but I can replicate what I see on Dribbble, people are looking for premium themes, it’s not hard to acquire the skills just observe, practice and emulate. All the best I know it hurts after all the hardwork.

Sorry but again with respect this is miles off the standard.

There are numerous issues on mobile with spacing, the navigation not working properly and more

Generally, the styling and hierarchy is better than it was but still a long way off being premium. It still all feels like out of the box styling and UI from bootstrap rather than refined and purpose developed with attention to detail

You really need to focus on quality not quantity

The issue id there is far too much to give detailed feedback and besides, this is not at the stage if there being a list to fix - it’s much more about addressing wider design fundamentals

Perhaps you would do better to try finding someone to partner with and develop their PSD design

Thank You So much charlie sir… for your feedback…

Thank you so much retaniconsults sir for your advice…I am emulating only in envato themes…sir

Hello how are you doing!

You are persistent, but I must say that this work is very simple.

You need to learn how to design first. This will take months of practice, so; the sooner you start practicing soon you will get incredible results.

Use that persistence to work hard at learning and you will surely get a high quality project.

I wish you the best

Best regards

Thank You so much sir…For your compliments…