Item dissapered

Hello, dear friends! My item was dissapered from the dashboard. It was on reviewing and now its gone, and i cant add a new, course of a limit… maybe i pushed delete button on my phone in the pocket. Help me please, what can i do?

Hello @DreamSoundworks

If you did not receive any e-mail, you may to have the Item Review Notification box checked. You can do that by going to Settings → Email Settings and thick the Review Notification Box.

If it is already selected, then please take a look in your inbox as well, including the Spam folder.

In case the Review Notification box was not selected, and you can not find your item in your portfolio or in the Hidden Items Tab, then it is most likely that your item got Hard Rejected.

Take your time to create another file and try again. Please do not resubmit Hard Rejected items, this may result in revoked upload rights.

Make sure you enable the Review Notification box to receive e-mails for future submissions.

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