Isn't there a nice person here who can solve my problem?

Hello guys, I have a news site but google tells me it has too many css cod. Delete excess css codes to speed up your site

my news site is wordpress based

I just bought the news site, but friends, I am adding news, it does not appear anywhere. What is the reason for this?

is there anyone who can help me

Look guys, I’m adding news from the admin panel. There are a few categories I selected, this is the news I need to go to the categories I selected, but it doesn’t show up

Isn’t there a friend who answers?

Contact the theme author for support

I’ve been talking to the theme writer for days. does not solve the problem that is all idle

It’s author’s responsibility to provide the help for free. You need to solve the problem with them or get a paid support

I wrote 50 articles just for this and I say to the author that please enter the admin panel of the site and add a news.

the problem is the news I added is not coming out

For heaven’s sake, if I tell you now, please add a story. Don’t add one to the site?
I wanted him to add just one news for days, Yazr didn’t add it. I wanted it to add and see the problem but it didn’t

If anyone can solve my problem for a fee

This is not an English language site,

So, it may cause issues for Google to identify your site’s language and index

It is always recommended to create English language website for better search engine visibility and traffic

Your theme is not so fast, loaded with a lot of codes, and not so professionally designed

I would suggest you to try Newspaper theme by TagDiv

I used this theme for about 2 years, and my experience is super good

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You can check your site’s performance and Newspaper theme’s performance below

Your site

Newspaper theme

So, you should try Newspaper theme and all things issues should be fixed momentarily


The theme you purchased, Reendex

Is not so good theme

You should always hire professionals to create site,

Immarured people can’t make website professionally,

They end up wasting time, energy and money but get nothing

Check the theme’s overall performance

It’s one of the poorest site’s performances i ever checked

Try Newspaper theme for all things good for your business


I agree with you but it sells on envato bro, how do I know? I think the salesmen in Envato have safe and sound site codes

I searched the Envato news site for days and found it worked superficially for me.
you threw at me
I just saw the newspaper site, I will check it and buy it if I like it.

I wrote sibling but no answer yet

How did you try to contact the author? They seem to be replying very fast on the item comments so seems odd that they would ignore you using another route?

Brother, we have been writing from the website for 20 days.

For God’s sake, I’m asking if an author delivered the site they are selling in full working order.
He deceived me if he sells me a site that doesn’t work

Look, this writer hasn’t done this for 20 days.

I said go to my admin panel, post a new news, I said you will see the problem yourself, but even though I couldn’t write for 20 days, it didn’t work for a minute.

Why the world’s top site like envato doesn’t scold such authors
It’s not a sin, I have been translating for a month, I worked day and night, but I cannot publish news.

sister look this demo news

This is the news I just added to myself. Normally when I add it, that demo should get where the news is. but not coming
I’ve been saying this for 20 days. this writer did not handle
He cynically constructs the current demo news, throws his picture at me.

I tell him, enter the admin panel, post a new news, if it comes to the headline then I am wrong, I apologize to you but he did not add any new news.

For God’s sake, put yourself in my shoes, won’t you go crazy?