NewStar - News Magazine Newspaper theme issues1

Anyone else have issues with this? I have someone else who places my themes, I don’t know this stuff well, but I do know it’s given him issues from the start and now it’s not allowing me to upload images to my site. I’m almost certain it’s because I changed the way the website looks recently but I had it professionally done so I couldn’t mess it up! I love the look of this but now I’m being told to take it down due to errors and processing at high CPUs! What the heck???

Without seeing your site and the actual errors it is pretty difficult to comment, but I would point out that:

  1. the theme is from a major and respected author plus has a good rating from other buyers.

  2. things like CPU usage could be the theme but it could also be several other things

  3. could the professional help you had not tell you why you can’t upload images?

  4. Is the theme, WordPress, hosing PHP etc. All up to date?

With that in mind would suggest reaching out to the author and asking them to have a look.