I need help and advice about problems with new theme that developer can't solve

Hi there, I have a question/problem with a theme that I purchased from Evato. I am trying to find a solution. The developer is saying she thinks it might be a plugin but that she is not familiar with the problem and wants me to ask for a refund. It’s been a month since I installed the theme and have spent hours and hours working on my website and learning the new theme. There are some things I don’t like about the theme, but overall, I like the look. I prefer to solve the problem if it is solvable. It’s been 4 days trying to get help. Where do I ask for help? In the meantime, I lost my homepage content. It reverted to default settings and there was no record of anything saved or backed up after the installation of the new theme. I now only have some of my content up, so my website is not functioning for my business. Can you help? The theme is Tribe and it seems to be a problem with the Customizer. When I try to post in one of the sections, I lose everything that was done with the customizer on the homepage. I have rebuilt once and lost it all again. So I cannot complete it. I got this notification once: “sorry, you ar not allowed to customize this site. You need a higher level of permission.” Should I take the refund and just get a new theme? I don’t want to start from scratch. Help! Thanks in advance.


You can contact with your purchase theme author hope they will help you out from your issue


You could try hiring someone at www.studio.envato.com if the author can’t help