Is there an easy way to upload video?

Hello videohive,

I have looked at your upload process and it seems unduly complicated. Do I really need to create preview images, thumbnails and all that? Can´t I just upload content, add description and keywords (or maybe have your system reads out iptc data) and get on with it? Or am I missing something?

No you’re not missing anything. You need to do all those stuffs in order to get your submission in the queue.
This subject has been discussed many times and several authors have already proposed pretty good ideas to Envato, so fingers crossed there will be something new this year.

Thank you for the quick response. There is no way that I will go through this process to upload several hundred files—especially in a test phase, when I don´t even know if envato can deliver any reasonable sales.

The upload experience is the most important part of the contributor side of a marketplace. That and sales and speedy payments of course.

So I´ll wait, and will check back in a few months if they have done their homework.

They do have an active and responsive community, that is a plus.