Help with footage submissions

I have been try to submit some footage at VH for the first time, but I am really, really confused.
I have heard of a new submission procedure where things hould be more or less like any other agency. Is it working as now?
Also been looking everywhere for a page where you can start uploading files, but just cannot find it.
Otherwise I understand with the old submission method you are supposed to supply main file in a zip folder, image preview, thumbnail, watermark. That looks incredibly complex to me, no idea where to start.
Help please

Thanks for your reply.
I had already read that page. So, i understnd that the new procedure for submission is not yet available, correct?
But anyway, that page does not show how to get to the UPLOAD page.
I soppose there should be an upload page somewhere, right?

UPLOAD page on the dashboard tab in your account.

Thanks Alexey,
this was useful, at least now I know I have a dashboard.
I believe that is the page I get when I click on the icon of the guy on the top right of the screen.
I get a page with Activity, Notifications, Maessages, Badges, etc. But I do not see an UPLOAD button


I see!
Clicking on my name should give me access to a drop down menu where UPLOAD is.
Sadly in my case nothing happens by clicking on my name.
Maybe I am not allowed to upload?

You don’t need to click on your username/balance, just hover over it and the menu should show up.

What do you see when you go to this link

This link brings me to the page “How to become an author”, with the detail of how to calculate the income.
If I hover over my username I get the same scroll down menu as Alexey posted, but instead of the Author dashboard, I have “Become an author”

Yep, you have to become an ‘author’ first to be able to upload. It’s free and easy. Click on ‘Become an author’, and if I remember correctly you’ll be taken to a page where you choose whether you want to be exclusive or not. Go through the process, and then you’ll be able to submit.

Thank you, understand now.
Is the new submission workflow for footage working now, or we still have to submit thumbnail, image preview and watermark?

As far as I know the new upload tool hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet (only available to a set of authors). So if you don’t see an option to use the new tool, I’m afraid the old method is the only option for now.