Is there a monthly subscription to audio jungle


I’m buying few music tracks each month
and I was wondering if there is a monthly subscription I can use?


Not at present. They’re just about to start a subscription service involving graphics, so it’s an area they are looking into, but nothing yet for audio. I’m sure if the graphics thing goes well then they might consider rolling it out to other marketplaces so watch this space.

Although, if I understand the graphics thing correctly, it’s going to be a selection of items separate from the main GraphicRiver offerings, rather than anything from the entire marketplace.


Hopefully never. This is devastating for authors.


Thank you for your response.
But shouldn’t I get some kind of discount if I buy more then the average costumer?


Envato are happy to provide discounts if you’re buying in bulk, but unfortunately, a few tracks a month wouldn’t be classed as buying in bulk. I’ve bought an average of about 10 items a month over the five years I’ve been here, but I’ve not had any discounts… wouldn’t really expect any either. Maybe if I was buying 100 items every month, month in month out, or 1000… that would be a different matter.


I for one think you should. The only way AJ authors can offer lower prices right now is by uploading “Music Packs”, although that’s clearly not helping you a lot since those packs are compiled by authors irrespective of your needs, and by rule only can contain audio from the same author.

I’ve many times suggested there should be discount prices on large shopping carts, or simply volume based buyer fee reductions. A subscription model COULD work, but it would be slightly more difficult to get the math right as to offer all parties a fair share of the increased sales volume.


If Audiojungle offered “dynamic bundling” at a discount when buying several items from the same author, that could work.

But if someone’s buying items from different authors, there’s no reason to expect individual authors to absorb the discount.


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