is themeforest is still profitable market in 2019

I want to start themeforest market i want to know is that still profitable market as a startup. please i need your suggestion and guidelines as a startup.


That depends on your expectations, how much profit/sales you need, your costs and how much time you can dedicate to developing new items and what items you are developing (HTML templates/ WordPress Themes etc.)

From my experience, Yes absolutely.
I don’t expect to (although I would love to) develop the next multi-million dollar selling theme but the more I put in the more I seem to get back. By that I mean the more time I dedicate and the more themes or better quality themes I develop the more sales I make.
I have a target revenue I would like to generate from TF and for me at least the extra effort is worth it.

If TF is not your full time job, then you have nothing to lose. Develop a few quality items and see where it goes. It may become your full time job/income. If not it or you don’t have the time/money to pursue it full time it will at least be an extra income.

One final thought on this;
You should factor in your cost of living and the exchange rate of $USD to whatever currency you use in your country. I’m in the UK and the conversion rate from USD to GBP can sometimes be brutal. For example $100USD in sales will only yield about £76GBP once converted, this can go as low as £69GBP depending on the exchange rate.

As you make more sales the envato author fee goes down, so the amount you earn per item will increase.

Hope this helps.

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