Is it possible for themes by solo developers to make money still?

I have had quite a few theme for sale on themeforest in the past, but I haven’t made one for about three years. One thing I did notice though, is that when I was developing themes to sell here, the weekly top themes would always change week to week as nice new themes overtook previous ones.

I have been wanting to make some new themes lately but it is pretty discouraging to think about selling them on themeforest when I see that years after I have stopped selling themes here, the same 6-7 themes are in the top 7 spots for most popular for the week as they were 2-3 years ago. These top themes have many more weekly sales than they did when I left, while at the same time, the newest 5-6 pages of themes look like they are averaging worse sales than then.

So to anyone who is an author or knows enough about the market to answer: Is it still worth it to make a nice theme as a solo theme developer? Can they still succeed? And can you do it without having to have 1001 features added in on top as plugins?

I quit my job last year. And became full time, solo designer and developer who selling themes here, until now. At home. My average earning is $1000-2500 per month. In my country, I’m a rich man with that amount.

I can say, as long as your design is great and unique, you’ll always have a chance.

But, honestly, the competition is more and more tougher. Also the review time is currently become longer and longer. I think there is no hope that the review time will back like 1-2 years ago.

Just remember, if your design is average. You wouldn’t stand a chance. Let’s say they approved your theme, but the sales will makes you cry. Like few of mine. :persevere:

Same here. I also am a solo developer and last year I made a ‘comeback’ after 3 years. It’s been so tough to get a theme approved, the standards are way higher than ever, I had to up my game. I got one theme (multipurpose business style) approved and the sales were horrible. There are so many themes in this category with better design and 100 more features. Do not go the mutlipurpose way if you’re a soloist. Find your niche, be unique and you’ll do well.

Solo dev here.

I suggest that you work with a trusted designer if you’re a developer or a credible developer if you’re a designer. Doing everything on your own is a recipe for burnout.