Is themeforest allow new author items???

Hello Envato Community!!!

I have been trying to approve my items since last year. And I have also designed & developed my items for the last two years. I deeply observe that the new author can not approval on the “site-template > admin-dashboard” category.

Now I have a big dought that is ThemeForest allows/approves new author items???

Thanks for your time.


Don’t be upset. Try with a new freash item with unique aesthetics design with best UI and have to put some premium design with commercial values.

This are ‘Top New Authors’



Thanks for your reply. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

But I build the items for " Home / Site Templates / Admin Templates" category, there are no new author items approved since last year.

I’m really confused that the marketplace really accepts new author items??? :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face:

If an item is up to the standards then who is submitting it is irrelevant.

Share a demo for what you submitted here and people may be able to give ideas as to why it was rejected

FYI the reason for no new authors in the category you shared is because there are far far less submissions in that area than other formats or categories where you would see numerous new submissions

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Thanks for your valuable reply.

FYI I’m connected with Envato since 2015. Before I have been approved items on ThemeForest (HTML Templates > Admin Dashboard & Technology) categories. But those items are not sold enough. So I have been deleted those items and also the author.

This time I plan to work with the new author and just a single item development. But since last year no new author doesn’t get any item approval. On other hand, the old author is getting approval continuously.

ThemeForest review team says that they have got a lot of submissions in this category when I get lot-of rejections.

(HTML Templates > Admin Dashboard) in this category or the new author is not able to work on.

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What on earth are you speaking about? HUD - Laravel Bootstrap 5 Admin Template by SeanTheme | ThemeForest < 9 March 2022? Sounds like a new item in that category 1 day ago?

Life is most definitely for everyone, this marketplace no.

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Thanks for your reply!!!

I think, there are some mistake in my point have. I know well about #SeanTheme. This author member since December 2012. SeanTheme is an old author.

But, my point is the “new author” + “new items”. There are no new authors + new items in this category.


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