Envato Approves any items in the new account?

I’ve submit my HTML template on themeforest from New Account several times and these items that gave me a hard rejection mentioned that my template did not meet the quality standard.

Demo link: http://capricorn-theme.net/html/expo/


This item that gave me a hard rejection is not like that at all. I carefully have done accordingly to ThemeForest quality standard & make it more user friendly template. I know the ThemeForest requirement and how to approve items properly.

However, if the same item is submitted to the Old Account, it is approved.

I don’t know what quality standard themeforst required to approve?

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More good design already exist themeforest you need to improve your item quality

It could be any number of reasons eg different reviewers BUT submitting items rejected in another account could easily lead to both accounts being blocked so you need to be very careful