Responsive Site template!?

I feel that reviewers only approves designs from big authors. even if item is not complete…

here is the example:

Not exactly sure what that screenshot should prove, but your claim is not true. Want proof? Here is the page for top new authors for July:

All these authors had their first item approved last month.

So instead of calling reviewers biased or some other conspiracy nonsense, work hard on your items and if you make something good enough, it will be approved. It is simple as that.

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Ahh, I meant to say that that HTML site template (See Screenshot) is not responsive so what exactly envato look?

I have seen people get rejected due to no responsive sites so… what about this? Will they accept it even if it’s not responsive?

You shouldn’t be rude,

I have corrected my title :slight_smile:
BTW, you didn’t get me right, It’s a question but not to hurt someone not reviewers or authors…


I hope this answers your question.

Only if the design is of splendid quality, despite having a slight response problem, maybe it can be accepted.

I encourage you to get down to work and learn more every day, that will really help you to have your projects here.

And by the way from our side it looks good.

Best regards

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Thank You, It’s from my side, I thought envato change their requirements.

BTW, I have to say that you are just genius man! Your designs sites looks futuristic :heart:

You can always keep improving, we really keep learning every day.

The future awaits you, work hard and offer everything you have, don’t give up.

Best regards