Is my flyer ready to upload ? reply fast

@Silent_graphicer, considering some of the other Mothers Day flyers l have seen recently, it probably is.

But l would make the lower text a more oval shape; having the text pan out then go in and out again, risks rejection, (probably soft).

You got it right with Happy Mothers Day, where the happy is shorter than Mothers, then Day is shorter again or an oval shape.

Or you can leave the text and put in a break line, just click on my avator and link for examples.

Good luck.


hey thx buddy yor reply is help ful for me

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hi as for me i am not convinced by this version , it seems to me that the placement of texts is not that convincing and that texts are besides not popping out enough according to me

hey i’m absolutly agree with u so ,can you plz tell me what should i to solve this problem

indeed this is hard to tell … u have two main options. the first one is to opt for trying to maker sure that typo and texts pop up a little more , the second on is to choose to have a more “in-depth” transformation and movie sone item from the backgrougn and so on …