why this item was reject ?

hi, i like it but bad typography “happy” and “day”, image mother and baby need more big, difficult to read the date, information need better typography, need opacity .25 or .35 effects lights (many circles).

also you wait other author @n2n44 because he know more that I and he will give you better advice, thanks.


hi i personally do not necessarily agree with @JeriTeam , the illustration maybe ok this way as long as u can manage to make sure that u can get rid of all the other issues …
for me the real issue about it is more likely to be that u get sone pink flowers that are coming out of the blue and that this is not really matching with the global style … do to get me wrong this is not horrible though in my opinion u would have a much better result with introducing vector flowers in the same colors as the rest of the flyer
for me, otherwise, one of the main problems u are facing right now is definitely a spacing one indeed , at this stage this is uneven and there is an impact on both the hierarchy of information and how harmonious the flyer looks for people seeing it . BTW, still about spacing, make sure that u give your flyer more space between edges and footer and header texts indeed , so that it can “breath”
for me the typo is not working so well as well … apple chancery is not the best choice in my view in case u want to combine fonts like this and according to me separating “mother’s” and “day” in terms of style is a mistake both in terms of meaning and aesthetics …

thank you sir

lol don’t call me sir pls i feel like u are addressing my father lol nico is cool for me , thanks

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