Is my bootsrap template will approve on themeforest

I need your help to review my HTML template design and guideline cross check to get it approved on ThemeForest. help me to improve it. below is the URL

The demo link is

My suggestions:

  1. The blue icons are not good choices.
  2. Too much spacing issues.
  3. Need to more work on your typography.
  4. Need to improve your footer.
  5. Buttons are too simple.

Good luck! :upside_down_face:

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It feels like an odd combination of other people’s files form here: << identical first section image and copy << identical contact section including address and emails ?!

If you can’t create original work then this is not the place to be submitting items.



How you know the copy section of my template is their is any software that detect the coding…

envato have multiple ways to detect copies but in this case it’s not necessary because the images and the content are identical in yours and other established items.

Aside from how dis-respectful it is to envato and other authors to rip peoples’ items, it holds up review queues, wastes staff time, and more than anything it’s really stupid because potentially anyone caught ripping other items could face legal implications as a result of i

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Hey if i upload this template on another website like wrapbootstrap can they also detect this

You can’t steal peoples’ work and try to reuse it anywhere.