Is it possible to restore items?

Hi. I wrote to the support service, but there is no answer yet. I have a big request, is it possible to recover the elements I deleted? I thought I could restore them if necessary, but this turns out to be a violation of the rules. Can I restore them? Thanks!


as far I know deleted Item restore not possible. But may be there is a possibility if you contact Envato Author support and if you deleted Item most recently. You can request through Contact Author Support.


I wrote in Contact Author Support April 9, but unfortunately they have not answered yet

Please keep patence and wait for support reply. If possible then they will assist you and restore but not possible then sad!. Thanks


Hello. Contact Author Support helped me sometime with a similar problem. Sometimes you have to wait longer for an answer but it’s the only way I know to help. Good Luck!

Yes. Thank you. My question was resolved after contacting Contact Author Support

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Hi, I have several questions.

on which date you deleted items.

Have the items come back?

and which ones

Hi,I deleted items about a month ago. Items were restored, but not everything. Many things are considered individually.