Questions on Deleting an Item

I plan to delete my items and stop earning from Envato.

If I delete any of my item now, what will happen to my customers who purchased previous week “with support”? Will they be able to contact me?

I know that they won’t be able to download the item, but wouldn’t be good if Envato provides a download link for a while who purchased within several weeks? I put myself to their place, it would feel bad if the item was deleted day after I purchased.

Just my personal opinion as an author:
I think if you delete your item then there is a possibility to get refund request from your most recent customer who have around 6 month support from you.

Also it is not a good idea to delete your item when you have recent purchased customer. If the item don’t have any sale for the last 1 year then you can think about it.

Than I have to be here forever because I get several sales each month.

May I get an official reply for how can I stop sales but keep support or accept refunds for a while.

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Your best option is to ask support Envato Authors Help and Support

But as I understand it - customers could still contact you for support through whichever channel you use, however once it’s removed that’s it and envato won’t be able to provide access any more, even for select time periods or users

@mgscoder said you will almost certainly end up with a few refund requests

Just disable the support for your items. You can see the last day of support for each item when you edit it under Update Description tab. You can also contact Envato Help to ask them to soft disable your item so nobody can buy another license, however that will disable the item comments section as well.

Envato helped me to soft delete my items. I solved this way.