Is it good time to learn AngularJS?

I was thinking to start learning angularJS, I’ve already taken a basic level course on codeacdemy. But I’ve heared that new version of angular is coming at it would be very different from the current version. I was wondering if it good time to learn angular at this stage?

Or if you want to recomment any other JS framework go ahead and do tell the reason?

I would not learn AngularJS 1.x right now, as 2.0 is almost out.

Actually - I would suggest you look into learning proper JavaScript and micro-libraries instead, bundling them as you need, instead of relying on a big-mamma framework.

Sure, being an angular dev will bring you plenty of work.

I would suggest maybe to learn ReactJS instead to get started - after all, Angular, Ember, Meteor and other big-name frameworks all have made room to take React as their view layer.

Also, if you are good with JavaScript, learning ReactJS will be quite quick, whereas learning properly AngularJS is a much longer endeavour.

Good luck and let us know how you go!