Using JS Frameworks as a Themeforest author.




I’m a new author looking forward to building my first theme on the Themeforest marketplace. I’m looking for advice from other developers or buyers on what is the best way to structure JavaScript for my theme.

Is it common or a good idea to use a JavaScript framework such as AngularJS or ReactJS, or do developers only use JQuery?

I ask this because I wasn’t sure if there were any licensing conflicts with selling themes that use open source software such as the JavaScript frameworks that I mentioned.


There are quite a few Angular templates on the market but they do not sell as well as the jquery versions (for many reasons) but they do sell, you could even build the item with jquery and angular (in separate files) so the buyer has a choice of what to use.


If for whatever reason you need to use a “framework” for a theme, I would recommend “backbone” because it comes bundled with WordPress and WordPress uses that framework itself.