💭 ReactJS, am I late to the party?



Recently I’ve finally taken some time to look into ReactJS. I remember when it was first introduced I was not really fond of the whole HTML in JavaScript (JSX) technique, but having played with it now it’s super nice.

It’s not really of use to me for the plugins I build perse but it does feel like a perfect match for the accompanied build tools (My Soon Countdown ships with a Countdown builder). I’ve historically build those with vanilla JavaScript but using React it’s going to be a lot easier.

Starting with a framework is always a bit tricky. How do you know if what you’re doing is right? Well, a couple months ago I stumbled upon this video course by Wes Bos I watched it during my morning commute. It’s fun and Wes explains everything well. 10/10

If you’re on Twitter you should really follow him at https://twitter.com/wesbos, lot’s of useful tips and the occasional BBQ related Tweet. :wink:

So, I’m wondering, are you guys already using React in your products or has everyone boarded the Angular boat?


Not at all. If you are looking to learn more ReactJS, here’s some of the best ReactJS tutorials.