What is the best JavaScript/Angular focused course on Web Designing?

Hello there,

Before starting I am not sure if is the best pleace to ask this question but here we go.

I’m already working as a UX/UI Web Designer and Front End Developer (+3 years of experience) however, I would like to learn and improve my JavaScript skills I have an excellent command of HTML5/CSS/SASS etc but I almost never use JS in my day-to-day work because there is one other team that is responsible for this part of the Front-End work. Therefore I’ve never had the opportunity to work with JS in depth, just basic code ( ex:when the screen is X size remove X classs).

Now I am looking for a new job and every interview I have they seem very happy with my UX,UI,Front end designer (CSS, HTML) skills but when I am asked for my JS experience I fail.

Therefore, what is the best Java Script / Angular Course to do which is focused on Web Design that you can recommend to me in relation to my profile?

Also, if you would like to know what I can do please check my profile out, I have a lot of projects there:



Andres Arigon w

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Hi Arigon,

We have a full guide that takes you through learning JavaScript, called Learn JavaScript: The Complete Guide. We also have a course aimed specifically at Web Designers, JavaScript for Web Designers which may be just what you’re looking for!

Hope that helps!