Is it allowed?

I would like someone from Envato team to explain the following.

One of the authors (I won’t call the name) is using the google Adwords (Search Network only type) with the affiliate link to his item. He has higher bids than Envato ads, that’s why his ad is always displaying in the search results.

My question, is it allowed? I cant find the answer in the Help center


As long as they’re not using ‘Envato’ or ‘Themeforest’ (or whatever) as keywords, there’s nothing wrong with advertising their item.

What about the text in the ad (‘Themeforest’) and URL?

Not much they can do about the URL if they’re wanting to link to their item, and I think that would be a bit unfair if Envato stopped people from including a URL that links to their site. As for the text… not too sure on that one. Maybe a bit of a grey area.

They do not link to their website, they use affiliate link to their item.

Why wouldn’t it be allowed? Essentially they are paying for advertising that benefits them and AudioJungle, and probably saving Envato a few Adwords dollars (you can spend a lot of money on clicks before someone actually buys anything.) Themeforest also has a nice first-page ranking, so they don’t actually need to run Adwords campaigns, if they are running Adwords campaigns at all, it’s just to outbid the competition in ad results, and in this case the competition points to them. Seems like a win-win for Envato.


I think it’s ok for Envato and the author. Why not? :smiley:
Affiliate links for new visitors, but they might buy another products after searching TF

Let’s wait for the official response, submitted the ticket

It’s only fair that the Envato team will allow this, unless the advertiser is using trademarks in the title of the ad (also subject to their decisions). You cannot advertise with the WordPress title for example, you can only bid on such keywords and use WP instead.

Will also wait for an official response hough :slight_smile: