Is it a good logo?

Hey guys, will U plz give feedback on this, should i upload it, can plz suggest fonts? Its just dummy arial round mt, sys. Font

@n2n44 hey dude what U think?
@SpaceStockFootage plz rply

I wouldn’t know it was an egg if you hadn’t have told me. The gamer part is quite obvious though, like the colours, the overall design is pretty good. The nobbly bit at the top of the control, and the shape of the egg, could lead people to believe that it’s a face surrounded by some kind of face/mask. Like some kind of mask that somebody would wear in a post apocalyptic desert wasteland.


So yeah, good foundation, sound overall design (as far as I’m concerned anyway), but just needs a bit of tweaking to be a bit clearer on what we’re looking at.

Thank you very much dear for your guidence, thank you again…

hi indeed , as for me, i just turn out to have the same kind of problem as Scott … i also fail to realize that it was supposed to be an egg unless i read it was , then , it became clearer but i think that this is much of a problem … i am also personally not really sure about the initial concept …as i am not sure that both ideas are matching his well and that there are so many people combining both elements so that they get interested in buying this one if it made it to be on sale here …

i personally think that u need to have clearer lines and cleaner illustration so that the concept potentially kind of works indeed , at this stage for me this is a bit flat if u wish i also tend to believe that maybe u should recycle the idea into a monster with the controller being the eye area if u wish …

@n2n44 thnks dear