my other logo feedback please.


Hi to all:

please feedback my logo before upload graphicriver.

Thank you.

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hi Jeri, this is rather cute and funny , rather original too , as well but the thing is that , once again, u really have a completely disconnection between the illustration and the typo part … the illustration is very rounded and cannot be “confronted” with a very strict style and squared font like this , this is bringing disharmony to the table . U have no vertical version which is not appropriate and indeed, if the illustration is cool and creative, the thing s that the right side tentacle is preventing u from imbricating the text really properly and u need to find a way to fix just this. I am also afraid with the vertical version that u have left to create … i guess u will be facing the same kind of imbrication problem indeed Otherwise color combinations are really strange and far from harmonious to say the least …the black color is coming out of the blue and not aesthetic as well . I am not sure that keeping to "realistic " colors for the octopus is a goo idea as u are sacrificing harmony of color in the process. The alignement of the typo must be redone , the spacing is not ok at all right now and why is the second part of the name stuck with the tagline , when the name should be one block and the tagline another one?

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