Is Hard rejection as Hard and Irrevocable as it sounds?

Hi everybody!

First of all, thank you for passing by, leave your thoughts and hope you can learn something as well.

It may seem a very repetitive topic, but I’d like to take it further if you guys want to, and discuss some other experiences and opinions about it.

It all starts, yes you are right, with a hard rejection I received today.
I must admit I do normally agree with the hard rejections I’ve had until today (two by the way), but this one specially surprised me. Here you have a link to the track:


Hard rejection was due to “general commercial quality standard required”.
It is not a great mix, and it is not a great master. (I have uploaded and listened to tracks worse mixed and mastered, but no intend to start useless comparisons).
Then a colleague told me, “Maybe it is due to an initial difficulty to catch the beat/tempo of the song!”.
Maybe it is, maybe it is not. What do you guys think? I’d appreciate some feedback.
And lastly and most important question:
It’s a hard rejection, no re-summiting and no other chances for that track (as far as I know).
Is it totally true? Is there I way I could fix either the beat issue or whatever the problem a track has and then upload it back again? Maybe changing enough so it can be considered as a new track?
Any experience like that?

I know maybe moderators and envato team people may jump in here as well (you are more than welcomed btw), and I’d like to know their opinion in this matter, as I know some of them are authors too, and have a better understanding of both parts in the reviewing process.

Thank you guys and hope you are still awaken. :wink:

Cubiq Music

Sounds good to me. Maybe that guy in the background is a little over enthusiastic for “commercial standards” (?) :slightly_smiling_face:
But I think this song belongs in the library and it is up to the buyer to decide if it suits his project or not.
As for the second question, I heard about some people in the past who uploaded again after a hard rejection (with more or less changes) and it was approved. It’s up to you if you want to change something, and how much … Good luck!

Update - on AJ Help:
“Music tracks that contain excessive vocal elements (e.g. shouting or yelling, extreme dissonance, or overly complex/distracting vocals) that are deemed to diminish commercial utility in general projects may not be accepted to AudioJungle.”

So IMHO they were referring at distracting vocals when they said “general commercial quality standard required”

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Two times you can not send the same thing of course.
But you can send the track (if the idea itself is very good)
with significant changes.

Here read this article:

Item Rejection

  • Can I re-upload hard rejected items to AudioJungle?

Only with significant changes, enough to completely distinguish the track as a new item. For further info see here .

  • Can I receive feedback on rejections from AudioJungle?

Because AudioJungle is a marketplace platform, and not a critiquing or tutoring service, feedback can generally only be provided for soft rejections, which are items that can be resubmitted after a rejection.

Feedback is not provided on hard rejections. For further reading on this topic, see here and here .

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Thank you SOMusiquePlus and Smart Sounds. Writing down all what you said and gathering ideas for a possible second chance :wink:

My thoughts:

  • sorry, the vocals sound like a man trying to immitate a chicken to me,
  • I’d maybe try a bigger reverb on the guitar and set back in the mix slightly,
  • the honky-tonkish piano that starts at 39” doesn’t work for me, I’d try something more organic sounding

Other than that, I really like your song and it sounds pretty licensable to my ears. Great stuff!

Really, I’m seriously offended by your chicken comment, Oh my god… I’m gonna report you to my mama.
Btw, have you ever heard a chicken??

I’ll take all your thoughts Pyjamarama ;), Thank you!
I definitely give this track a twist and hopefully it get accepted.