Is envato supported for SWIFT transfer

Is there anyone using for receive SWIFT transfer payout? I would like to use US Bank for receive SWIFT transfer.

Is it complex to use?

Thank you

We use Wise. No problems so far. Transfer time from Envato to Wise is 1 business day. It also takes 1 day to withdraw from Wise to your bank account.

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Sometimes envato want address verification for proceed to the SWIFT transfer that time what information you use?

Haven’t had such a situation. We simply created and verified an account on Wise.

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Yes,i use it and no problem so far.

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Glad to know Wise works for you, but unfortunately didn´t work for me last time!

I selected Wise bank details as my default payout and didn´t remove Payoneer details from the Envato payout method page. The payment was received by the Payoneer account, but Wise was marked as the default payout method!

To setup Wise, should I use the routing number from “Local” or “Global Swift” tab from the Wise account? Last time, I copied from the Local tab, and it didn´t work!

Could you please advice?

Thanks & Regards

Describe step by step, in WISE you need to create an account in USD to receive payments,
at Sign In | Envato Account add a new payment method (or set it as active):

Select Payout Method: Bank Transfer
Bank Accound Currency: US Dollar (USD)
Routing Number (ACH/Direct Deposit Routing number, 9 digits): You will find in on WISE account, menu Manage → Bank Details → Your Bank Details (click on your USD account) → Local Tab: ACH Routing Number and wire. It has 9 digits.
Bank Account Type: Checking
Account Number: same tab as above in WISE, Manage → Bank Details → Your Bank Details (click on your USD account) → Local Tab: Bank account number. It has 16 digits.
Name of Account Holder: Must be the same as in WISE (name: Account Holder, same tab as above)

Then in WISE you add the recipient account, menu Recipients → Add recipient (That is, your local bank account, in your country)

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Thanks a lot for the detailed steps! Best