Is Envato designer OK?

Is Envato Designer OK?

What is going on with this design:

Can’t even read the numbers. This looks like a 2001 website.

  1. Reviews showing twice, which doesn’t make any sense.
  2. No alignments in elements, feels like they are just hanging there with no basic design.

Envato, you should bring it back to how it was back in 2019, the sales number was clear under the author name and comments too.

This looks cheap!

P.s: Then Envato reviewer rejects your item for not meeting their “quality requirements”.


Initially I thought it could be cache or a missing font size line in CSS but I was wrong :joy::joy:
They literally put 8px as font size, even the css selectors are correct, so it cannot be a mistake by any chance :joy::joy:


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I think this website was built even before 2001. Also, if you change this kind of a website too much, and make it whatever you’ve imagined that it should be, sales would drop 70% same moment. In these “legendary” kind of websites, you do things one by one, easy and slow while making a lot of measurements.

They are in a limbo state, where profits are down (not entirely by the old system, but more by the world matter), they try to change things and “keep up” with the competition (as they seem innovative), but that truly is not what is the issue here.

It’s just slow for all kinds of reasons, and the best thing possible for them to do is status quo until further notice.

Your superficial look on the mentioned matter is just that. :beers:

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like changing font size from 8px to 11px one by one?

Very good observation.

We should hard reject their website :rofl: