Is anyone earning enough to live on from Envato?

I’m wondering if most people just do this as a side hobbies or is anyone actually making a living from Envato payouts?

On AudioJungle the authors that are frequently in the popular items tab will be earning a decent full time income. Other smaller authors do too but making a living from this could mean different things depending on your financial obligations. Imo though concentrating on one source of income in the creative industry is probs a bad idea so ideally we should be looking at envato as one of several income streams.

But yeah most accounts are going to be making side hobby level income.

There are quite a few people who make a living off of item sales, though most, like myself, just do it as a hobby.

You can look at the top authors of each marketplace and see that they definitely earn enough to do this full time. For example, the top author on all of Envato is ThemeFusion with only 1 item (goes to show that you don’t NEED to have a library of 100’s of items to be successful), that one item has made them nearly 30 million dollars (holy damn), though they are also a team and not just one person.

I am making a living from Envato but things are really though. Starting now as a new contributor you will have to crated some pretty cool and original stuff otherwise you will not going to make it.

If you’re new and exclusive - impossible, until you build up a big portfolio. But if you put your stuff everywhere it’s possible.

To be honest me and my family live from Envato last 9 years. It’s hard a lot of ups and downs but for me it’s a long journey and it’s based on a trust between me and buyers.
Without Envato Market our life would be more difficult.
I’m doing my best but at the end it’s still worth to spent time creating something that would be helpful to the whole World.


From 2015 I’m full time Videohive author and I do living from it. I earn enough money to travel, to buy clothes, food, etc. With all of this I can save some money every month(more than I spent). And yes, even 2-3 years ago it was much more easy to earn here (start earning), so to blow up nowadays you need to bring something outstanding.

If you earn 1000+ dollars per month, I want to inform you that there are comfortable countries you can live well; like Turkey. I believe Brazil and Argentina are also on that list.
Istanbul is expensive but Antalya would be a perfect place to relocate, where you can rent a good house for 300-400 dollars.


A good house rent in Antalya/Turkey is arround $150 not 300-400.
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Drinks, smokes, gas, cars, electronics is expensive.

Yeah you can very average life with $1k in Turkey.

I do not make my entire living from payouts on Envato, but I don’t refer to it as side hobby income either.

The income I earn selling sound effects on AudioJungle is just one of many pathways to my overall income earning strategy. To that end, I continue to conduct my business on AJ professionally as an official part of my career.

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