It it possible to make a living from being full time on here?

Hi all,
Good timings everyone.
I hope the music production is going well.

So - bit of a life change coming up.
I wonder if dedicating the equivalent of a full time job into pushing out tracks onto Audio Jungle is any kind of viable option for building up a library and making so kind of living off it?

Anyone accomplishing anything like that?


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Now (2024) only AJ absolutely not, you need to sell on envato elements too, and other stocks like motion array, music vine ecc to make a living decently

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Hey @benskia

It’s not my intention at all but this may sound discouraging.

I’m afraid it’s absolutely impossible to make a living solely through AJ, unless your have several +500 sales items in your portfolio, or a +700 tracks catalog. Even that way, no guarantees AT ALL.

At best, if you receive an invitation to Elements (though this is quite hard at the moment), you might start earning a somewhat decent income.

My perspective is based on personal experience and the experiences of many fellow authors who, like me, were able to make a decent living from Envato until Elements was launched in 2019.

I suggest taking a look to the recent submissions and top-selling tracks of other Level 3 non-Elements authors. This should give you a clear picture of the current situation.

Sorry I can’t paint a more optimistic landscape.


As others have said, just to be more realistic, in todays Envato world, it would be very difficult to (at least in terms of AJ).

Maybe 8 - 10 years ago it was far more lucrative. At one point I was almost able to leave my day job and work on projects here. Thankfully I didn’t because the market changed after that small period and sales drastically altered. I’ve never been able to do music completely full time here as it just doesn’t pay enough to live on for me, so I’ve just been here outside of my day job (yes I’m exhausted all the time :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’ve been a top author and top seller at times through AJ’s history and even then it was difficult.

Now building a portfolio up is a great idea, however, don’t count on it being lucrative out of the gate. Not just with AJ and Envato but I think in general stock items seem to be down now a days. I haven’t sold on other marketplaces to verify, just using what others have said in the past, but seems a lot of people have branched out lately.



This is what I tried to do during almost 5 years. While I was learning the process along the way, I can say that for most people this is not possible. I’m not an AMAZING composer, but I’m not bad at all. So my work is supposed to deserve some decent / correct amount of money and sales etc. (But there’s also tons and tons and tons of other guys and girls like me on this market)

I was close to make some pretty decent income 2 years ago, not a full income but really interesting one. There was a switch at this period and now I’m stuck. No matter the way I try to increase the quality of my work, no way. I still get sales, and DL, on pretty daily basis. What’s kill my income is the value of the music which had decrease since the overall subscription stuff.

If I keep a fair enough pricing, I won’t have any traffic or nothing on my portfolio. I feel obligated to dump my price to reach and trigger sales.

While I know I have to keep to work on my craft, stock is no more than a nice good side income which allow me to save money for rainy days. I have a full time job now, (no choice). Stock help me to get motivated everyday, (music in general helps). So now I’m more focus on how I can diversify my musical activities. New musical project, maybe sync / other stuff related to my experience or anything.

Since I’m no more in financial struggles, I can find other ways and I have a bit more time for that.

To conclude, stock is totally part of my income and will keep to be. But I don’t have any more expectation. It’s better to see it like this and remain motivate to develop other musical activities, make a mix of all of it is a way to follow on the long run :slight_smile:

Those 5 years were probably one of the best of my life right now. I have no regrets, the struggles were real but what I earn at the end for myself is so precious. I still have lot of years ahead, so I can only recommand to you or anyone to try their luck on those market. It’s worth it.

Good luck !


Well, first of all, what is enough for you? I see you live in the UK, so I suppose $3,000 at least before taxes would be considered making a living, yes? For a small apartment, no car.

I also live in an expensive country with high taxes, and I would say $4,000 would be absolutely minimum for me to make a living. I would be considered among the lowest paid here with that income…

For a good car and a small house I would say $6,000 before taxes would be required. In some countries that would make you rich of course, but sadly not here…

I haven’t had a real job in 16 years, and I have actually never had a real full-time job. I have been able to make internet work pull in enough for me. And hopefully I never have to get a real job… :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have never been able to make a living JUST from AudioJungle, not even back during the good years. I have always combined different websites and royalties. That is what you have to do as a small independent musician.

AudioJungle can be one piece of the puzzle (small piece today), but still a great way to get your music out there. If it resonates with people, it might become popular, and after a few years royalties can start coming in. Lots of them.

As with any artistic endeavor there are no guarantees, and there is no such thing as “expected” salary for the hours put in.


$3,000 per month from JUST AudioJungle sales? Very unlikely. A few here do, but they are not many now (probably less than 10). But with AudioJungle as a little piece of the puzzle it is absolutely possible.

Some that used to make $20,000 per month now make around $2,000 or even less.

Some of them registered with a PRO and used YouTube royalty collection early, and are likely earning a lot from that now. Others only recently started registering their tracks, now that sales have gone down.

They will have a really tough time now since it will take years for those royalties to really start coming in. Decisions that likely cost them hundreds of thousands…




“Is t it possible to make a living from being full time on here?”



Personally, never considered it as a full time job. Maybe also because I’ve started to work here on the markets decline. But as a side income it could work. Although you have to consider the amount of time you spend on creating music and what’s the result you get in return.


Reading the comments from how this worked here before Elements in this forum (from comment #2000 aprox.) will give you a perspective. Complains were because there was almost a whole day without sales. We were a happy family. :notes:

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