AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

This right here tells you ALL you need to know. They own your work after you get your buyout, you have zero control.

I recommend everyone read Steel’s posts above… never sign your rights away.

Two months in a row with few sales. Big thumps up for elements, thank you for this.

Anyway guys, have any one of you thought about making something of our own? I mean some society of composers where we decide what is the best for us and where we can sell licenses under our conditions?


Due to subscription sites they are closing and soon It will in audiojungle too😢


1 sale for February. $ 6.75 on balance. this is the worst of the worst. life is pain.

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Google Analytics -27,8% vs last week. Matches with sales…

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There is still no sales for me. Please open the crane , the month is really super poor. :sleepy: All my hard work went to the trash as I see it. :hot_face:


Just incase any customers missed the banner at the top, they are now greeted with this on the front page…


Oh, that, don’t worry, it’s targeted at a totally different type of customers.


It just looks to me like it’s set up to funnel traffic to Envato as customers are likely to think “why pay $39 a track when you can download as much as you like for half the price”. To customers it’s not made clear the both these have different content either so it just might seem like Envato is the better deal as such.

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wow :joy:


This is a disaster.

It is clear by now that Envato will become Elements… very sad to see this.


This was made intentional, from 10 clients that buy this for mistake probably just 5 will ask for a refund, sick to see this…

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Their research had shown that they weren’t being deceptive enough with the banner alone.


but I like this sentence

maybe they will take this all 5 $ copy paste “songs” to elements, and make audiojungle a unique “niche” imitative market with higher quality and prices.

maybe we will become “premjungle beat”
I’m just joking :joy:, this not gonna happen


I also think that when customers go to audiojungle and see in the bestsellers and featured section identical songs not really differing from each other for $ 5, they give up the search for these “high quality”, “unique and niche” sounds and, however, buy this subscription.

Why pay for a song $ 5 as you can have 100 identical for a little higher price.
I didn’t know that audiojungle is a market focused on “unique and niche songs”, they either rebrand us or shut us up and replace by envato elements :thinking:


Time to leave this mess ! I have much more focus to give on a place where my music is approved in first and where I can try to développ my niche without having the feeling to provide "s h it " at each submission here ! Thanks for the doubt and the overthinking through your nonsense review process

Provide SFX is the only way for me. AJ is now just here fir extra money and no more the place I want to be . Thanks envato ! I’m 1000000% done.

And huge and sincere thanks to other website to give a real value and trust about my work !!!

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Reviewer on other website are probably much more Deaf and not focus on quality for sure, that’s why , lol


Sorry for my short rant but if you are going to promote Audiojungle as a marketplace that can provide unique and niche sounds then perhaps start approving these type of sounds. This forum illustrates a good number of rejections which sound good to me however we see templates and copied sounds saturating categories, namely corporate, with a tired and lack lustre production. Audiojungle is now synonymous with a type of track that does not fit with the front page branding. Come on Envato make this place interesting for buyers with content that can inspire and grow alongside your subscription model.


@gballx and this is the only solution, OR “transformation” of audiojungle to envato elements completely, because we are not different from them at the moment