Author level 8: Hooray!

I am excited to join the many Envato fans who have expressed their appreciation.

Thanks to you, not only my life has changed. My parents may not work during this difficult time. You gave me the opportunity to be proud of myself.

I love, appreciate and respect Envato for its great self-fulfillment opportunities. Thanks to all the buyers, all those who encouraged me good feedback, and the Envato team for their support. :+1:

I wish everyone success and prosperity!


congrats buddy :slightly_smiling_face: wish you more sales in future

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Congrats, bro !

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Thanks guys, I wish you the same, much more sales :+1:

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Congratulations, keep it up bro! :wink: :+1:


Amazing! Huge congrats!!! :slight_smile: :muscle:

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Congrats!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations, My friend…

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Congrats!! :tada:

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Thanks guys!

can you please enlighten me, even if you made 1000 sales this year is that like 10-20K? i’m not really sure how much is per sale but anyway

i/m trying to understand if people just barely survive here like a minimum wage job or not?

sorry of this comment seems aggressive or something

much appreciated for your answer


It is impossible to compare AJ with a regular job with minimum wage. In order to get the minimum as a janitor or taxi driver, you need not only reach out to take money or doing what you like, but also work hard like an ancient Egyptian slave.

It’s more like 10k if using old prices. A royalty free situation has deteriorated a lot and I don’t know who has 1000 sales now. But in addition to direct income Audiojungle authors may have multiple indirect sources as: PRO, AdRev / Identify, etc.

For many places on earth, this is still too good money to talk about survival. Passive income is a dream come true for 90-98% of people.

I hope you are happy with my answer.

Level 8 means $125K at total list price, so anything up to around $90K to the author. While we won’t go into specifics of the OP, that amount could be made over several years, several months, or in very rare cases, several weeks.

Earnings vary considerably based on the category, how many items people have, how much work they put in and most importantly… the quality and desirability of their content.

However, the most important thing that differentiates contracted employment and the selling of digital good/passive income… if you work every hour under the sun for a year and only make $10 to $20K, you’ll probably still get an additional $10 to 20K the following year even if you don’t do any work at all. Not to mention the money you’ll also get in year three, four, five etc etc. It will start drop over time if you’re not putting the work in to maintain your portfolio, but a week of work now could make you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over the coming years.

Thanks for your answer

So in all those sales you made, did anyone ever use your IPI from your PRO to get paid there too when used on TV or something like that

Are you giving your IPI to your clients each time a sale is made?

or do you know if other people do?

is this something that rarely happens here in all those sales?


An IPI’s is publicly available. I don’t think I’m competent enough in other matters. But I think this is a very interesting discussion that stands out from this topic and is worthy of attention in a separate one. There are really experienced guys around here.

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Congrats buddy! wish you more sales in future :+1: :+1:

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Поздравляю !!! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! It is especially pleasant to rejoice together with those who do not forget and take care of their parents! Best wishes!

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I am glad that you share this, moonchildstudio. For me it is also a great reason to rejoice. Parents give us this trait by education, so this not my merit anyway. Dear Authors, thanks you! Regards!

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Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball:

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