Is actually your customer on Envato Elements?

Is there any way to know if a person is actually your customer on Envato Elements?

Not at all…
Also because technically subscribers pay Envato and Envato pay us…
So basically we are selling items to Envato :joy:
Yeah I know it sounds like a joke…

:sweat_smile: ok! I have a client who wants help with a project. he says he downloaded it from Elements, and envato says: to see if he is your customer, click on this link. And it brings me back to the Temeforest site !!! this also seems like a joke to me !!

I found the official explanation:

" With Envato Market, you are selling directly to the customer, so when you sell to a US buyer, the US royalty withholding tax applies.

With Envato Elements , you are selling your items to Envato, an Australian company. Therefore the Australian royalty withholding tax applies. If your country does not have a tax treaty with Australia, the royalty withholding tax is 30%."

Oh man that’s so funny! :joy: