Envato Elements Company Details (?)

Hello - I created the help ticket about this but no answer since 10 days (ticket nr is: 2550582 )

I need the answer before the end of this month (for my accountant).

This is the (obvious) situation:
We (authors) receive payments from Envato Elements (each month). I work with Elements as a company → so… I need to create an invoice for each payout my company receives (which is obvious too)

This is the question nr1:
What are the company details for which I should issue an invoice.

This is the question nr2:
What e-mail address should I send this invoice to? (Unless I don’t have to send it anywhere?)

@BenLeong @Will4490 ? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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You can get the company details with address and business no etc, from Envato tax summary you could have received. You don’t have to send invoice to anybody. You can keep it yourself. That is what we do.

You can issue invoices to envato but no need to send them, they won’t formally accept them because there’s the fairytale of us being direct sellers.

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What? They kept that story even for Elements? How does that even work?

Well I guess it’s more important for them than for us…for us the cashflow is the same on both markets, I receive 2 payments from Envato, that’s it.

Right. But, while I can understand how they can bend the reality on the marketplaces by saying we authors make the sales, it makes zero sense in the Elements context. Are they saying that customers are subscribing directly to you Elements authors? That BS doesn’t pass even the most congested sniff test.

The big problem here that Envato do not provide any invoices from Elements. No address, no company name and tax number, no date, nothing. While we give them full info about our business (name, address, tax id), they give nothing.
So we are force to create invoices that expected by our tax offices. But nobody knows how actually Envato Elements bookkeeping documents looks like.
This summer I got such Tax Summary:

Why is Placeit actually Ceiba Pty Ltd? And why did I receive this, if don’t have any agreements with Placeit (either with Ceiba)? I have agreement with Envato Elements and this Tax Summary should be the part of EE Tax Summary.
But Envato Elements do what they want without any docs. :man_shrugging:

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This is problematic indeed! And this shady practice may have consequences for you the author depending on your local Tax Office policy.

When I get money from Elements on PayPal, the sender is “Envato Pty Ltd” - I am creating invoice with that info.

The same sender is when I get money via swift from Market. Then I am also getting the address of “Envato Pty Ltd”. The same address I am using on invoices for Elements.

That is how I am creating invoices.

Same here.

Envato does not have a universal solution for this kind of stuff because each country has different tax laws.
I don’t even consider it shady, the guy who came up with this solution probably got a promotion.

In the real world it would be like:you are paying your dinner at the restaurant but the receipt says that you are actually paying the chef who cooked your dinner, and automatically there’s an invoice issued in the name of the chef who pays the restaurant because he’s using their kitchen to cook! :joy:

So, here the facts are: we receive money from Envato.
Solution: declare an international bank transfer based on your tax laws.

Oh man… I feel like I just opened the Pandora can :slight_smile:

Envato Elements → there is a clear info that we (authors) are selling our items directly to Envato Elements - I remember I saw this info in one of the help articles. So this one I’m sure about.

EDIT - see this article - I found it:

I quote:

With Envato Market, you are selling directly to the customer, so when you sell to a US buyer, the US royalty withholding tax applies.

With Envato Elements , you are selling your items to Envato, an Australian company. Therefore the Australian royalty withholding tax applies.

Now → Envato Elements “an Australian company” details are what I need. It’s that simple.

Guys thanks for your posts here. We have to manage those payouts in some way and that’s a fact. ;]

Thanks @PeakStar I will update our discussion in the support ticket shortly.

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Sounds Great. Thank You.