Is 30 day money back guarantied allowed?

Noticed a few authors offering this? Seems a bit fishy… is this allowed?


No, it’s not allowed. You can contact the Envato support to report these

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Can you post the link please?

you could find it in latest wordpress items

I also noticed that some authors also offer free installation/demo import for the first 50 sales or so.
Envato staff won’t have enough resource to check this (since this is in the description and not being reviewed after got approved.
I think we, viewers will need to report but I really wish and report button should be somewhere better than submitting a support request…

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Wel Envato should control a bit better this kind of things. It is pure chaos… along with ADP

It is also not allowed to offer discount on new items ( they must be offered at original price for some time and it is already written in Envato guidelines ). I was going back and forth with Envato for 60 days regarding this issue and they decided to ignore their own rules and taking things under analysis. Finally I was notified that they will do something about it in early 2017 which is good but not good enough since the guidelines were already there.

Have you reported the issues?

You can also report these issues. As a part of being author, you’re not allowed to offer any “free” things

Nop I did not… it doesn’t help if you report one if there is no regular control

Just report and you’ll see the results. It’s against the rules. The support team will take this issue seriously.

Yea but the rules are not checked nor enforced. There are quite a few limitations that should be in place to regulate ADP. They pushed it out to early.

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Another issue being discounts. I see authors having discounts all year. They just add a 50% discount and in their discount banners they simply double the original price.

This does influence other authors who want to provide genuine discounts as discounts have just lost meaning/value now.

Yes and brings expectations to other authors to get there price down.

Is this allowed? Is this kind of support allowed?

They are enforced if you report them. If nobody reports them, then the only way they’d be picked up on, is if they had a team manually checking items. Have you considered how many people they would need in this team? I have!

At a conservative estimate, to check every item once a week… 10,000 . More likely, about 20,000. If you’re happy for Envato to pay around $1bn a year in hiring these people (I’m not sure what their annual revenue is, but I’m pretty sure commissions would have to be cut to 1 or 2% to cover it) then I’m sure they’d be happy to implement it!

I am not saying go and check all of them… new arrivals can be checked along the way, once you penalize or warn few of them, make an announcement (not about them) but the overall announcement that it’s not allowed, push a mail to authors etc. One check randomly once a year also would not take so much resources, once warned % of repeaters stays but that a very small one.


Is it forbidden to link a theme in the forum? I can link one which does it…and had 43 sales within less than 2 days.

But people can just change their preview images and description text whenever they want. Sure, a random check would help but you’ve got potentially 364 days before your naughtiness is picked up on.

And a once a year check, rather than once week, would only reduce the annual cost to $20m.

Reported the issue with the false discounts and support got the author to take it down. Solved in a matter of 5 minutes :smiley:

I encourage you guys to do the same if you are seeing people break the rules or compete unfairly.