Interior design theme

I am not sure what features to look for but I need a theme for an interior designer that publishes designs for clients. A client needs to log in to view his designs and it will help if the designer can communicate with the client via his portal (collaboration).
It should be easy to add or remove designs from the client’s portal and to time limit access to the client’s portal.
Can someone guide me in the right direction?

I am sure that you want find in out of box template. You will need to build custom made site.
You can make site where clients have each profile and where you can present images with designs what you have made is some other program.
It will be very expensive to made web program where people can design in real time.

Given that almost all of these features will need o be custom additions (@Zaccc’s explanation is pretty spot on), my advice would be to look for a theme that you like the look of generally and consider compatibility to add the client profiles and collaboration (by that I am assuming you mean chat/messaging/feedback rather than literal synced co-working?)

Thanks for the feedback.
Collaboration is not so important because email can be used for collaboration but what is important is to be able to publish designs for clients to review. The published designs should have restricted access because the designs are private.
Is WordPress ta suitable platform for this type of website?

this could be easily achieved withcWP using one of several plugins or even just some custom coding depending how complex you want to make it e.g just a password or required registration by clients etc.

It’s still not a hugely common feature in stock themes (maybe some of the photography ones will have it already created but not huge numbers).

I would still look for the right theme generally for what you need and then ask the author/freelancer for compatibility/integration with private galleries.

WordPress is suitable platform for this what you want. But you will need some custom work on any template what you choose.

You can contact me if you want and we can discuss about your site.