hello i'm looking for a theme for architect with which we can interact with the client from the site

theme for architect
clients can log in and view architectural plans
customers can interact with the administrator and receive notifications from the site
I’m looking for a theme that can do this job
the client has their own dashboard
the administrator has a dashboard where he can see an order completed and outstanding

You won’t find that out of the box

It will definitely require custom work - if you have a sensible budget you can try find a freelancer to help at www.studio.envato.com

in fact i’m looking for a wordpresse theme that can adapt to my needs

You’d need to find some kind of project or client management plugin and then integrate this with a compatible theme.

That in itself may not be that simple before you have to consider how mixing two separate items will look in terms of styling, updates complexity etc.

I understand the thought process of working from an existing base theme but what you are after is not at all basic and I think investing in building it bespoke to your needs would actually reduce potential issues and improve the end result

Thank you very much can you suggest something

It doesn’t have to be a new project, one of the theme can be modified for your needs. In case of interest: https://studio.envato.com/users/ki-themes