Installing & activating two extensions on each other in one joomla template ?


I installed a joomla template on my lap top(local) that use k2 component as its

main core .

On the "Fashion" page,(its position is ; #pos-fashion), of the Menu,(main menu),of

that template:

there are a few pictures that is active a" pop-up" function on them by k2 component.

Now, I want to active a; " Magnifier Joomla! extension"on them ,too.So that,

both extensions activated and worked on the above mentioned pictures;

Would you please tell me for that; where(in which file) should I write a code

for it?

And give me that code?

At the following route of my project in wwww named as; "prj1" I find the k2 pop-up


[b]" www\prj1\components\com_k2\js ", is the correct roue and file should I edit for


[b] that?


and the code is;

// Classic popup




var json = $K2(this).attr('rel');

json = json.replace(/'/g, '"');

var options = $K2.parseJSON(json);

} else {

var options = {x:900,y:600}; /* use some default values if not defined */



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