Looking for specific element for VC or to be implemented into another theme

I’m looking for code or VC addon or something to add the box in the bottom left that opens and closes on this https://demo.kaliumtheme.com/architecture/portfolio/adestra/ to add to my site. I’ve bought the theme if that helps.

I just don’t really know what to call it to search for it so I can implement it or to find what I need, if just that would be helpful!


I think that’s done as part of a portfolio item page. I’ve seen it/similar in a couple of themes for sale on TF but it really depends how you plan to use it and what theme you have bought (I am assuming it is not the one demo’ed in that link?).

If it is only going to be used on random pages then that would be just a styled modal which you could [potentially add as a shortcode in VC, but if you want it on multiple pages within a portfolio etc. (as per your demo above) then more likely it would be better to create a portfolio template that adds the relevant functionality and content.

Ya it currently is done as part of the portfolio item page and mucking through the code I just don’t have time for. I just intend to use it on any page I want essentially. It’s good to know that it’s a styled modal though, will definitely help in my search but do you happen to have any information as to what I would search for specifically to find the code or a plugin or VC addons?

Thanks so much!

It’s a bit more than a basic modal but there’s several VC add ons which include modals but you will almost certainly need to customise any plugin (and would probably be better off custom creating it) to acheive that position and effect.

If you look on www.studio.envato.com there are loads of freelancers who could easily handle something like adding this. (be careful that as/when the plugin or them updates then this will not ruin anything you had had done).

Feel free to contact me via the link below to discuss the details: