Install of Template???

I have paid for and downloaded Themeforest for wordpress with online booking. I have WordPress installed through my hosting company HostGator. When I look at live view and see nothing like the template sample in your live preview. How do I get all the to show, so I can then adjust the links and names?

You probably have not installed the demo content or completed the theme setup

Check the documentation with the theme which will cover this process

Things have appeared but now can’t seem to find the booking wash 1 a it’s not showing up.I’m really having issues adjusting items, changing items for my business site. I’m frustrated in creating my own business site with this theme. I really like it, but the problem is I have never used WordPress themes or even worked with WP… I need this entire site up and running my March 2020 or sooner but if I’m having problems I tend to say forget it. I almost am at the point of asking for a refund. Seems like the booking wash style I isn’t working or lost, can’t find how to replace footer items. Unfortunately I’m really strained with WP and know nothing. :frowning:

As those features sound fairly fundamental, you can try asking the author for some pointers and the documentation will cover some features.

Unfortunately the author can’t be expected to teach any buyer how to use WP, and of the above is proving an issue then it’s likely that you may come across other challenges again soon.

I guess things like how to edit the footer, or header, etc… seems like when I do something it doesn’t save or I see duplicate text at the footer, etc… Hopefully I’ll figure it out.

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