Instagram Hard Rejected

Hi every one I worked a lot of instagram post or instagram story but i can get approved.a please please help me whyyy ??? It’s really nerves me.

hi i am sure that u dedicated some time and effort but quite frankly, in my view, lots of things are missing, most of titles are eithr not outstanding enough or their typo is a bit too common for here …
in addition the positining and teh spacing of the texts, like in the yellow, white and red, look unbalanced

the “new arrival” one texts are hard to read and the disposition looks anarchical until the eye does not know where to have a look

the black one is fair but maybe some additional work a bit instead of having a plain black background would be welcome

the blue one > there are typo issues for %off (the font is horrible in my view and not matching either) and having both banners on top and at the bottom it looks too much in my view and the texts inside are too plain and not popping out enough if u ask me, i wluld rather choose to keep only one and dedicate more space to this one so that the info inside can be valued much more

Thanks for attention :slight_smile:

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u are welcome, if u feel like i answered your question and gave u a valuable feedback, u can check the box saying “problem solved” :slight_smile: good luck

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